from our bakery


*^Oregon Berry~ golden cake with berry compote & Italian Buttercream

*Spiced Chocolate Mocha~ Milk Chocolate w/ Cinnamon Chocolate meringue w/ Mocha Buttercream

*^Tropical Carrot~ moist cake w/ Raisins, Coconut and Pineapple w/ Cream Cheese Icing

*Red Velvet~ w/ Cherry Cream Cheese

*Marble~ Vanilla & Chocolate swirled w/ Chocolate Cream Cheese Icing and Chocolate Glaze

*Chocolate Ganache~ dark & rich Cocoa Cream w/ Ganache Glaze

*Salted Chocolate Caramel~ Caramel glazed Dark Chocolate w/ Chocolate Caramel Buttercream    

*^German Chocolate~ Milk chocolate w/ gooey pecans & coconut inside & out

*^PoppySeed~ golden cake w/ Lemon or Almond Raspberry & finished w/ Cream Cheese Icing

*Blanco Berry~ White Chocolate cake w/ Berry compote & finished w/ White Chocolate Buttercream

Very Bananilow~ Banana w/ cream cheese icing


Costa Rican Wedding cake (Tres Leches Caramelo)~ golden chiffon laced w/ Rum & 3 milks

Italian Lemon Cream~ golden Chiffon soaked w/ lemon syrup w/ Lemon Mascarpone cream

Orange Creamsicle~ golden Chiffon w/ Orange curd & Orange whipped cream

Chocolate Frambois~ Chocolate Chiffon w/ Raspberry Mousse & Chocolate whipped cream

Mucho Mocha~ golden chiffon w/ Espresso cream finished w/ Espresso Buttercream

Strawberries & Cream~ golden Chiffon & fresh Strawberry whipped cream

Napoleon Almondine~ golden Chiffon & puff pastry w/ Amaretto Bavarian cream  

Pick me up (Tiramusü)~ ladyfingers soaked in Espresso Rum syrup w/ Marsala Mascarpone cream

Sacrapantine- (Italian Wedding Cake)~ sabayon of Rum, Marsala wine & Sherry encased in candied Walnuts

Cannoli Cake~ Ricotta Kirsh cream w/ candied Cherries & dark Chocolate  

Casino Royale~ Coconut Custard Rum w/ Berry compote

Orange Mocha Rum~ golden Chiffon soaked in orange rum syrup w/ Mocha pudding

Peaches & Cream~ golden Chiffon w/ fresh peaches & whipped cream (seasonal)

Halekulani~ golden Chiffon w/ Vanilla Bavarian cream & covered w/ Coconut

*^Opera Cake- almond sponge laced w/ coffee liquor and espresso buttercream & candied almonds



*^Gluten-free & Vegan


Cinnamon swirly twirly sticky buns

Tootie fruity scones

​Sailor Jacks



​*^Daily Muffin


​*^Chocolate cupcakes


*Chocolate Truffle

*Chocolate Mousse

*Orange Almond

*Chocolate Chili

​*Coffee Toffee


*Strawberry Fields

​*Luscious Lemon ​

​*Very Berry

​*Choco Cherry

*Peachy Keen

​*Salty Caramelo

​*The New Yorker

​*Fudgey Pudgey Chocolate

​*Coo Coo Coconut


​*Midnight Rum- dark chocolate & rum (need I say more)

​White Russian-  Kahlua cream & vodka

​Lemon Drop- creamy lemon infused w/ lemon vodka

​Grand Slam Marnier- orange curd & Grand Marnier


*Banana Chocolate Rum

*Nutty Chocolate Caramelo

Lemon Meringue (classic)

Kahlua cream

Caramel Apple Crisp

Very Berry (seasonal)




*Apricot Almond


*Tart Lemon Tart

*Spiced poached Pears

*Fruity- pastry cream with fresh fruit
*(Gluten-Free Option)

       ~ FROM OUR CAFE~

(We have a revolving menu, please call ahead for weekly specials)


Cheesey Egg Sand

Cheesey Egg Croissant

Cheesey Omelette

Crabby Pesto Omelette

Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

(GF) Pajun Pancakes (Korean-style vegetarian pancake)


(GF)Sweet Potato Apple Bacon soup

(GF+V)Soup Du jour

Bagels- Everything or Plain

(GF)Roasted Garlic Hummus

Side salad


Croque Monsieur- French style grilled ham & cheese w/ Dijon mustard

Croque Madame- same as above, except turkey and served French toast style

Crabby Pesto Melt- creamy real Alaskan crab w/ pesto parmesan

Cheesey Bacon Melt- crunchy bacon melted w/ Sharp cheddar & Monterey jack cheese

(V)BBQ Veggie loaf Sand- spicy veggie loaf served w/ caramelized onions & sundried tomatoes

(V+GF) Tahini Bikini Salad- BBQ veggie loaf grilled atop a bed of organic field greens and caramelized onions, sundried tomatoes & citrus Tahini dressing


Please call/text/email for ordering and for our current prices. All items are made to order, please keep in mind that we will need at least 3-5 days to fill your bread/cake/dessert order request.

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